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The World's Seven Longest Waves

Feel like your local shifty beachbreak closeouts are holding your surfing back? Say hello to these leg burners...

Surf Europe Podcast | Episode 14

Evans & Mondy return with the latest episode of the award-deserving SE podcast

How To Make a Proper Cup of Tea

Make tea not war, and make it properly. When the UK passport system crashes under cyber attack, knowing how to make tea will be the only way to identify yourself as a legit Brit

How To: Trunk It When All The Other Pussies Are in Steamers

If you're worried that your manhood might never recover, don't. Some of the SE staff have got unfeasibly tiny penises and that's never stopped them from having amazing careers, beautiful wives and fast cars

How To: DIY Stitches

We’re not talking about re-attaching a limb after a Great White attack or a sword fight here, this advice is geared at closing up a small deep, wound.

The Surf Europe Guide To (Non-Illegal, Non-Prescription) Drugs

You don't need to break the law or pay a bent quack to write you a 'script to have a good time!

Pro Surfer Admits 'Missing Indo'

Elsewhere in Breaking News: People eat dinner, former World Champ prefers summer

The 5 Next Worst Places To Go on A Surf Trip Today

The truth about Hawaii, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Iceland & The Canaries

Surf Europe Podcast Episode 12 | Is the Triple Crown all that?

Podders Paul & Ben return to usher 2017 out the door quietly and without fuss, unlike Bede/Kerrzy

Jeremy Flores Wins 2017 Billabong Pipemasters

After dispatching Medina to secure the World Title for John, the French vet becomes a two-time Pipemaster

Win a Pyzel Surfboard!

5'9" epoxy shortboard to be won 15/12/17

Watch | Blue Escape with Justin Becret

French grom rounds off a solid year with a cool Canaries edit

Do Women Surfers Deserve Equal Prize Money?

Or are Steph Gilmore, Tyler Wright and co 'riding on the coattails' of their male counterparts?

Watch | Brrr... Albee Layer & Chums in New Zealand

Shits n' giggles, seal attacks, high perf in hoods

Family Shred: Mailmen at The Wavegarden Cove

A wave for everyone and cuteness x a lot

RIP Oscar Moncada

Mexican charger killed in car accident on a tragic weekend for surfing

Bali's Mt Agung Erupts

Lombok airport closed & flights disrupted due to ash cloud

Watch | Kai Hing Still Splashing

Fancy foamball frolicks over razor sharp reef