It's mid-Feb and that time of year when the drink is pretty much at its most bitter cold in Europe. But product has gotten so amazing today that the cold just isn't cutting it as an excuse not to be getting your shred on. So we figured it was as good a time as any to sort someone out with some free rad coldwater gear and the generous folks at O'Neill were more than happy to provide, supplying us with a pair of Gooru 3mm gloves, Gooru 3mm booties and Gooru RG8 1.5mm hood.


To win simply go to our Facebook page and message us with the answer to the following multiple-choice question:

Other than ride angry ocean waters, North Shore ripper and recent O'Neill team addition Eli Olson likes to:

a) Flyfish

b) Box

c) Grow his own

Winner to be announced next Thursday 21st Feb.

For more info on O'Neill's coldwater range be sure to visit