Who wants to win some signed ETNIES gear from Jamie O' Brien???

What does O' stand for? Oh my golly gosh he's good at surfin!!!


There's like, Etnies tees, signed, New Era Etnies hats, signed. There's all sorts, signed. You can't have the organic apple, kiwi, banana or raw almonds (pictured) though, they're mine.

All you gots to do is send in some awesome or even just quite good/semi crap questions for Jamie for his awesome upcoming SE.com interview. I'm gonna pick the best questions and ask his ass them myself sitting on his porch at Pipeline drinking a Red Bull, probably.

Email your wicked, wild and versatile questions to: thecrew@surfeuropemag.com

p.s. Anyone gets the title of a Proclaimers song (except this one) in their question(s) probably has a real fine chance of the win...