Are you smarter than a surf mag so-called editor?


The first in a wicked series of fun, fantastic and just really great bi-monthly curious Pop Quiz's is below, get these questions up your nose to test your surfing and general knowledge, sneeze out the answer to win fresh Rhythm summer stuffs including thongs, hat, trunks and a tee.

First correct 7/7 score wins. answers:


1. Joel Parko beat Mick at Bells last week. But the break next door is called Winkipop. Why's that then?

2. Name the four semi finalists in the Vendee Pro 4 star WQS in France last weekend.

3. True or False: Weeing in your wetsuit feels good but is bad for the seams.

4. Tiago 'Saca' Pires is on the cover of the latest issue (SE81), but who took the shot and at which spot?

5. If I were in a pub ordering "a pint o' heavy", which six-star WQS event might I be attending?

6. Which French town are the VQS Totally Crustaceous Finals taking place in this very weekend?

7. What car does Pablo 'el Matador' Guiterrez drive? (a: VW Transporter, b: Seat IBIZA, c: Subaru Impreza)

8. Rhythm rider Kieren Perrow currently sits in which spot on the ASP World Title race 2011 (after Bells)?