You can't un-invent the Mentawai boat trip, just in order to be able to invent it again and make a vid. To be original.

But you can send an elite crew of the world's most feted freesurf darlings, and shoot it mainly kinda onshore and not really that barrelling, apparently.

To terrific effect.

Watch Yago, Chippa, Craig, Eric, Dillon... and Lee Wilson throw down all kind of knock-knee tech, all kinds of boned out tweaks and spins. Watch Ando make love to the camera with a delicious bob and sporting Anne from Little Britain's nightie.

The tunes are crackin', particularly Martha Reeves and the Vandellas.

And when you're done, rush out and grab a Narwal wetsuit, one of them full deck grips with an octopus on... and a copy of What Youth.