Jeepers crumbs!

Brom-Dog, it would appear, is at it again. In Episode Two of the excellent Risky Ripples, the South African tube hound finds himself confronting a thick and gnarlsome swell at Nias. And he does it frightfully well!

Matt might be named after one of London's most boring Boroughs (although, in its defence, David Bowie and Jagger, Richards et al hail from there), and might look like one of those kinda annoying South African rowers studying medicine at a Russell Group Uni, but once you get past all that, he's a total ledge.

"It's a strange mix of fear and excitement at the same time," Brom-Dog explains. And he's so fucken right.

If you bumhole doesn't pucker at the very prospect of him taking on towering waves crashing on frightfully shallow reefs, you need to do poppers more often. Like, loosen up.

Matt Bromley, we salute you.