While Jah was most generous when dolling out gifts like sunshine, great waves, nice food and good personalities to the great country of Portugal, he was less generous when bestowing the gift of handsome to its menfolk.

In fact to date, there have only ever been 3 good looking Portuguese men; 90's footballer /model Dani, Jose Mourinho (circa 2006-11, not so much these days) and professional surfer Miguel Blanco.

Miguel is devilishly handsome. Not just by comparison to fellow Portuguese pro surfers Vasco, Kikas, Tiago, etc, but by any standards.

He also rips, charges too. And yes, he's the very same who had that awful off the rocks incident, although thankfully, no lasting damage was sustained to his face.

And btw, anything that manages to marry the two finest things in life, surfing and ornithology, birding, twitching etc, well he must have a good personality too.