It's the Teahupoo edit you've been waiting for, pining after, salivating at the thought of -- perhaps, like Neo in the Matrix, without even knowing it. Here to show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes are Nathan Florence and Koa Rothman, who go back to back like superstar DJs in a thrilling duel of oneupmanship. It culminates in what's been widely hailed as the best wave ever paddled at the break, so heavy that Florence begins his pop-up before he's even halfway up the wave's face. Nate's hands-free heroics are mind-boggling throughout, particularly when he allows the lip to tickle his board's nose at 2:09; Koa meanwhile comes agonisingly close to sticking the biggest drop of all. Kiron Jabour also features; Tim Bonython films and Etienne Aurelius edits.