Pipe was smoking again for Day 2 of the Volcom Pipe Pro. 8-10ft and mainly hissing lefts! Kelly's surfing this year. No, not coz he's worried about his World Tour ranking and thinking he might need to re-qualifying through the QS. Just in town and jumping on the a chance to surf 4-man heats out a the Pipe! Unfortunately there won't be no John John rematch (how good would that have been!), the Pipe specialist suffering an early exit to on-form newcomers Evan Geiselman and Parker Coffin.

Standout Euro performances saw Charly Martin and Maxime Huscenot through to the Round of 32- a promising start to the year.

The final day of competition is expected to run today so stay tuned to the live webcast for more mad Pipe action.

[mpora_video id="AAdpa2150q0s"]