Jaws experienced an unprecedented number of big paddle-in days this year. But it clearly also experienced a ridiculous number of people out in the lineup and all sorts of ensuing carnage. From Mark Mathews getting faded on a bomb by some unknown to a boat actually capsizing in the lineup, things clearly got a little out of hand. Maybe not quite as bad as that big swell at Teahupoo last year but it's just a matter of time.

"Jaws got super crowded this year. Like 60 guys out at the peak. Like 5 guys on a wave..." comments local 19-year-old charger Tyler Larronde. "[But] you can't really do that at Jaws. It's not Waimea."

As you'll see, he then proceeds to illustrate his point succinctly with a sequence of him nearly taking two ten-foot rhinochasers to the head. Yikes!

The kid isn't satisfied with just charging Peahi though. He's got a good full rotation on him and some handy fishing skills too!