At times knocked for being a little loud, over-enthusiastic, smug, or perhaps just a little too 'all-American' for the Euro to swallow, Alex Gray might have his faults. But after watching his latest highlight reel, you'll more than gladly put up with them! The guy is on fire right now, clocking more all-time sessions in the past year than arguably anyone.

Taking in headline swells at Puerto Escondido, Teahupoo, Aileens and Rileys, Portugal's The Cave and last but not least P-Pass, Alex Gray in contrast to a lot of other big wave crew cherishes a definite preference for the tubular big wave variety. However, that hasn't stopped him from also claiming his first world tour big wave event, which he did at Nelscoff Reef last month.

You may have already seen a bunch of P-Pass footage from that headline swell just before Christmas, but the handheld/channel footage combo Gray scores in this clip has to top 'em all!