Crew crisis? We've all had em.

Remember the time, perhaps as an undergraduate Uni student in the late 90's (bear with me) when you used to have to swallow pride and fill the car with folk you barely knew to share 'petrol money'?

And then you quickly realised why you barely knew em?

White guy with dreads, obese passive aggressive boogerboarders and your mate's girlfriend that used to stand too close when she talked? Yeah the close talking personal space invader! That was a crew crisis weren't it? All in the name of £2.50 each for a trip to the shred!

The latest Tournotes centres on crews. Not Mitch, just groups. Travel buddies, coaches, companions, posses...squads. Squad goals. Even hashtagged that? Liar!

Who's having the biggest crew crisis in here? Maybe Sea Bass?

Who's not? Kolohe! He's travelling with B-Real from Cypress Hill!