#TOURNOTES: France Part Deux from STAB on Vimeo.

You know you've made it when you make #Tournotes! Although saying that, both Keanu Asing and Kai Ottz are in there too, so...

Part deux features some bazzas in Seignosse, a signing sesh at the Hurley Store, Hossegor (where you can pick up the mag, for free!) and even Tom Curren telling a non-anecdote with a coffee moustache.

Meanwhile, Toledo laments his lack of shot in the mag (gets a name check though...), wee Asing gets an autograph while Spanish mag 3Sesenta gets dissed and trod on by Koa Rothman.

Kai Otton is also there, briefly. Who knew he was still on tour?!?

Toledo did not quite make the cut for SE108, but he got a shout out, which he seemed pretty stoked with.