Finding sponsorship these days is tough. Hell, there's even a handful of guys on the WCT that can't find brands to back 'em so imagine what it's like elsewhere... Anyhows, you may not remember now but back in November Hawaiian ripper Torrey Meister won the Coldwater Classic Invitational at Santa Cruz's famed Steamer Lane. But this year's new grassroots format looked to do things a little differently and support the underdog. Only open to a selection of unsponsored rippers, it offered a unique “winner take all" grand prize - a sponsorship from O'Neill consisting of $50 grizzle to travel the world and compete on the WQS. Chi-ching! So here Torrey is, back in the fold and looking to do damage on next year's QS grind.

[mpora_video id="AAdp1ps2blkl"]