As part of a new Vodafone ‘Firsts’ series, UK charger Tom Lowe recently embarked on his first big wave mission to Todos Santos in Mexico. With a "warm-up" session at Mavs the day before with Skindog Collins to get him in the right frame of mind, the goal was for Lowey to paddle a 20-foot-plus bomb at what is one of the most powerful and dangerous big wave line-ups in the world.

In this first of three making-of episodes, the Cornish heavy water charger pays a visit to Chris Christenson's San Diego surfboard factory to pick up his specially shaped rhinochaser and catch up with one of the most respected and in-demand big wave craftsmen in the business in preparation of his exploit.

To watch Lowey's full 8-minute 'First' short head over to

[mpora_video id="AAdpzduzql0r"]

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