Ok so there was nothing quite as ground-breaking as last year's Peahi paddle session that saw Shane Dorian scratch into what's being considered as arguably the best wave ever ridden in the history of the sport, but Jaws still saw plenty of clean, 'fun' and mind-bogglingly busy days this winter. Everyone wants a piece of Peahi when it's just kinda big these days.

The one time it did break real big this season (apparently the first time in like 6 years), the storm's centre came in too close and bad winds made it a purely tow-in affair, with Maui mad dog Ian Walsh dominating the line-up with customary flair.

While this winter compilation only looks back at the paddle days, as you'll see they too were dominated by the Walsh bros (Ian and little twin bro Shaun), Shane Dorian, Makua Rothman and a handful of others. But let us know in the comments section below who you reckon won the heat.