The problem with the Maldives, apart from the vast expense involved in going there, is that there aren't any barrels. It's all just beginner to intermediate fare -- mellow walls, gultless mushburgers and fluffy marsh mallow reef. Not a tube in sight. As Israeli barrel-hunters Edo Minsker, Yoni Klein & Caity Griffin found out to their dismay on a recent trip to the islands, documented in the above clip by Noam Eshel. Noam told us the following:

"On August 13, we headed to ------, in the north Male atoll after the forecast showed a big SE swell with good conditions. We arrived in the morning to find solid 6ft barrels, few people in the water and the guys stayed in the water for 5 hours until Yoni, Edo & caity were surfed out and the waves kept rolling with no takers..."

In other Maldivian news, the government there has recently terminated a contract to have an exclusive resort built on the island of Thanburudhoo, deciding instead to keep the island open to the public as a surf heritage site. Wahoo!