O'Neill shreddas Micah Lester, Nelson Cloarec and Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama went ScotlandĀ on a surf trip to save you from your sins...

Including theĀ ones you haven't even committed yet!

This beautifully-shot short flick from shows the lads getting some sweet northern kegs, throwing some tail in devilishly limber yet warm rubber coatings and even a friendly razorbill.

Have you ever lost hope mid surf trip?

Has a doubting Thomas among your number then unceremoniously thrust a thumb in your gash, and said, 'Fuck this c*nt of a joint, let's getoutta here' ?

You're no Micah Lester then, and never will be. And your friend of little faith will never grow up to be Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama!