As part of a new Vodafone series called ‘Firsts’, UK charger Tom Lowe recently embarked on his first big wave mission to Todos Santos in Mexico. The goal was for Lowey to step up his game and paddle a 20-foot-plus bomb at what is reputed to be one of the most powerful and dangerous big wave line-ups on the planet. So when that big January North Pacific blob showed up on the charts that saw the Mavericks Invitational run, the Cornish thrill seeker knew it was time to go.

In part two of this "Making of" mini-series, we're exposed to the film crew's perspective from the channel, how the day unrolled and what it took for them to finally get the 'shot'!

[mpora_video id="AAdq2sw4uq77"]

Head here if you missed part 1, in which Lowey picks up his specially shaped Chris Christenson big wave gun in San Diego. Or to watch Lowey’s full 8-minute ‘First’ short head over to