Who knew a "safety safari" could be such fun? Other than the canny people at Air New Zealand, that is.

We are arguably living through a golden age for the surf advert, what with Giselle Bundchen surfing 6-8ft barrels, Gabriel Medina shaving off his body hair for Gillette and John John playing superheroes with Lionel Messi. Now Air New Zealand have done the seemingly impossible and made an air safety video that doesn't bore you senseless. In a 5 minute video reminiscent of a dream I once had, Alana Blanchard shows you how to put your seatbelt on, Anastasia Ashley demonstrates the correct use of an oxygen mask, Mick Fanning and Medina inflate their lifejackets whilst stand-up paddle boarding and our old mate Laird Hamilton makes an appearance aboard his hydrofoil (watch the full video of that particular escapade here).