A film by Eduardo Bartolome in partnership with Prime & Fire Selects, Talenthouse and BFI Future Film.

This is the inspirational tale of a cold strip of coast far down in southern Chile, and the men who love it. Life in the Patagonian fishing village is cold and rough, but at the same time it's surrounded by pristine, natural landscapes.

In The Gift we take an inside look at two young native fishermen who discovered surfing as a different way to relate to the ocean, and their struggle to keep alive one of the southernmost surfing schools in the world: "Pucatrihue Surf Escuela". 

The Gift is ultimately a story of human passion, of how two young fishermen rediscovered, through surfing, the coastline which they have been living off for their entire lives, and of the many secrets it still holds for the surfing community.

Prime & Fire Selects, in association with Factory Media, is an annual film competition giving up-and-coming filmmakers the funds and support to create short human-interest documentaries within the realms of action sports.