Today is Thursday, which thanks to some randomly fortuitous clause in the internet code of ethics, means we're officially allowed (rather than just doing it anyway) to post something that happened years ago, in the absence of any more interesting contemporary occurrences. And, well, that time at Teahupoo in 2005 when Raimana van Bastolaer got barrelled by a jet ski was pretty fucken interesting, wasn't it? Go to the 1:44 mark in the Tim Bonython footage above to watch the incident unfold in real time. Or watch the vid below to hear from its two protagonists. Or watch both, you crazy bastard! Basically, Raimana was without his usual tow partner, so asked Reef McIntosh to do the job instead. Reef said he didn't know how to drive a jet ski, Raimana said "nah, don't worry, you'll be fine." Turned out he really didn't know how to drive a jet ski.