With another lay day called in Tahiti today as organisers decide to sit tight and wait for the next big low to hit Sunday/Monday, the ASP Desk discusses candidates for the coveted Andy Irons award after last Monday's performances.

Past winners include the likes of John John, Ricardo dos Santos and Jeremy Flores. However, as Occy highlights out of those three the most deserving has to be Flores - the first to win the award in 2011 during the giant Code Red swell during which he posted a perfect 20-point heat with some of the most committed drops ever. Unfortunately the French charger isn't competing this year after being suspended from competition following his J-Bay blow-up at the judges, no doubt making that mistake all the more painful.

Right now it's hard to look past Hedgy's perfect 10-point ride but with plenty more swell on the way who knows what's round the corner?