Much continues to be said about surfing possibly one day featuring in the Olympics, with the International Surf Association (ISA) putting an official bid in for 2024 Summer Games (to be decided in 2017). But with only a couple free available newcomer spots and 30 odd sports in contention, surfing will have to fight it's corner.

At this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi, mainstream media's go-to action sports TV presenter Sal Masekela did just that, on a mission to promote surfing's Olympic bid he met up with the small surfing community that's taken hold along the shores of the Black Sea. Ok, so it wasn't exactly pumping or portrayed the exact image many hold of the sport but the advent of much-improved wave pool technologies might of course put that all right! And with the ability to warm or cool water temps to suit, some might even argue for having surfing feature both in the Summer and Winter versions of the Games... how about that? At the very worst it would double the odds of surfing ever making the cut.