Not us! There's plenty of room for both, as lil' Jack Robinson finds out inside a fruity right-hand slab at the 5:50 mark. Kim Feast, the drop-knee bodyboarder who features prominently throughout, is responsible for the edit, and here's what he has to say about it:

"Part 1 of a film that's not about the negative, what you choose to ride or do, it's just about doing what you love, regardless of society's or individuals' opinions. So, Who Cares? Go have fun. Adventure with your friends, explore the world. Do your best to be a good person, respect others and enjoy our short time on this earth."

Such beautiful words! Aside from Kim himself, the riders in order of appearance are Alex Gray, George Humphreys, Lewy Finnegan, Damien Martin, Davis Blackwell, and Jack Robinson. Tom Jennings, James Strickland, Rex Nink-Mowday and Chris Bryan take care of the cinematography.