If you are a surf cyberfiend you have no doubt watched the latest John John Florence clip Again. It's just another example of one of the world's best surfers at the very top of his game and  a snapshot of where surfing is in 2013. Well only recently we stumbled upon another clip of one of  the world's best surfers also at the very top of his game. This "clip" though is in fact some rarely seen footage of Michael Peterson at Winkipop shot on 16mm film by Australian Don Norris back in 1977.

This was the last year MP was easily classed as the world's most progressive, and aggressive, surfer. The few waves here show a surfer so in control of his act, it is almost frightening. After watching the clip Brad Gerlach said, "This is rad. A couple of snaps look vicious, but mainly I just love how much he expressing himself here." The same could be said for John John. Two surfers, 35 years apart. Not exactly sure what the link is, except for that represents the distance surfing has traveled in that time.