Surf Europe needed to spend some time in the Middle East. And it was glad it did.

Tel Aviv is a city of bright lights.

This was the disco we went to on the first night after drinking Quat tea. Cripes!

[mpora_video id="I28scYCsW"]


The scran was top notch in the Middle East. We really wanted to get into the local culture so went to a sushi resto. Lahey ate some wasabi.

[mpora_video id="vVh1H8UDI"]


Jaffa is a four thousand year old Arab city near Tel Aviv. Homeboy came down at night and shredded the car park.

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Whether you rate Jesus, Mohammed or Jacob, Jerusalem is always offshore.



Meanwhile in Tel Aviv it's more of a Jon of the Pleased Wimmin remix of Faithless's Bod Is a BJ.



Mental to think they built all this just for the filming of The Life of Brian.