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Darren “Daz" Broady is the manager of Euroglass, one of the biggest sellers of surfboards, both new and second hand, in Europe. He’s sold more boards than had hot dinners, and what he doesn’t know about fibreglass would make you blush. Not afraid of the sound of his own voice, we asked him to run through a few of the trade secrets on how to get the most bucks for your board. Watch the vid, and below is the analogue version.

1) Fix the dings, clean all the wax off and get rid of all the scum off the board. You are throwing away money if you don’t clean it properly.

2) As it's spotless, you can now see all the pressure dings, so reapply with wax. This both hides the depressions and means it is ready to surf straight away. No one wants a dirty old dog they have to clean themselves.

This sweet ride just needs a good clean.

3) Price. A bigger price will mean you will need more time to sell it. If you want to flog it quickly you will need to drop the asking price.

4) A top end second hand board, say one of Jeremy Flores boards that has only been ridden once or twice, will go for max €450. An average secondhand board in good condition you can hope for around €300.

If you are not J-Flo, don't even think about getting more than 300 bucks for your board.

5) Stick with the truth when you are selling the board. The more honest you can be, the better chance of selling. Don’t come up with some scam or story, if you keep it real, they will keep it real with ya.

6)Be emotional though, talk through the best parts of the board and why it was special to you. Every board has a story, don’t be afraid to tell it.

Feel the love and make it pay!


7) Sell the board at the right time. Right board for right time, right reasons for the right seasons, horses for courses. Sell your fish and summer boards, in spring ready for the small waves. For semi-gun or step-ups wait for Autumn.

8) Accessorise: Have your fins in the back pocket, just in case a free set can get you over the line. Also put on a new tail pad, if the back deck is damaged. You want it all sparkly and new and ready to go.

9) Don’t sell your magic boards, they come around all too infrequently and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.