Stokesy is having a laugh here, surely? As other Euros like Tom Lowe, Ben Sanchis, Nic von Rupp or Alex Botelho continually look to step up their game by charging Mullaghmore, Todos Santos, Pipeline, Mavericks, the UK's most mediatised pro (also at times referred to as the David Beckham of British Pro surfing) is just "thinking" about pushing himself in the big stuff.

Yes, it was the winter of all winters in Europe this year but no... No, no, no! Let's not surf that, let's go to insipid Costa Rica, again! Uh hello? By all means go on holiday, just don't make another ruddy web clip about it.

But that of course is just our take on it. Film-maker Tim Davies swears otherwise: "I can confidently say that every episode we do I see an improvement in Stokesy's performance and there's no sign of him slowing down! Its not just a simple as going out there and just ripping harder though I think it starts by just having a pure addiction to the sport you love and wanting to improve. I see progression not just in the water, a lot comes down to your mental and physical state making sure your putting the right things into your body and having the confidence to attempt new things without worry of injury."

On the subject of possibly hanging up his boots one day, Stokesy himself added "I don't feel like I'm getting older, I feel like a wiser, stronger 15 year old!"