EpicTV were in Ireland recently for the Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival, and will be putting out a number of shorts from the festival over the coming days, this here being one of them.

The concept of 'Seven Shamurai' could scarcely be improved upon: six pasty-faced Irishmen from Ballyshannon plus one pasty-faced Englishman surfing an assortment of Ireland's heaviest waves, and in between times rocking out in someone's front room to Wu-Tang Clan's '7th Chamber'. It's perhaps not the most polished piece of work -- to quote Ghostface Killer, it's raw, it's rugged and raw! -- but it is a good deal of fun, and features some fine surf and some fine surfing. Method Man's opening lines, meanwhile, in which he announces himself as "the insane nigga from the psycho ward," never fail to stir a slight tingling in the depths of the ballbag. As for those who will inevitably complain that hip-hop doesn't "belong" in a surf clip, such people are to be excommunicated and ostracised, and perhaps also pitied slightly, but mostly excommunicated and ostracised. The Seven Shamurai in question are: Dylan Stott, Paul O'Kane, Gearoid McDaid, Tom Butler, Aaron Reid, Seamus 'Shambles' McGoldrick and Conor Maguire. Watch more from the Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival here.