If you're feeling sad and weary, if you're spirit droops like an abject flower, if you're fed up of the seriousness of it all -- Matt Wybenga has the antidote.

The filmmaker has been sitting on a large stack of old-ish footage, and has finally decided to put it to use. Rotten To The Core is the result. "Surfing is not a sport," says Matt. He is wrong, of course, but his surf film is joyous from start to finish!

Featuring surfing by Jordy Smith, Jay Davies, Jack Freestone, Michel Bourez, Eric Geiselman, Andrew Doheny, Seabass, Creed McTaggart, Noa Deane, Adam Smelling, Filipe Toledo and more.

And philosophising/fighting by Bobby Martinez, Matt Archbold, Christian Fletcher, Bruce Brown, and two very angry surfers in a carpark.

Heaps of caarnts!