Putting on a big wave clinic like only Shane Dorian knows how, the Hawaiian big wave lunatic and world's most respected heavy water risk taker finished a very respectable second place at this year's big wave Mavericks Invitational, the big wave tour's most anticipated leg of the year.

Unable to find his way onto the biggest waves in the final, Shane only came up short to South African charger Grant 'Twiggy' Baker who, being a regular at Mavs and having intimate knowledge of the California coldwater giant, found himself catching more waves than the rest of the field put together, including the biggest of the biggies.

This latest rad GoPro edit exposes what the day's events looked like from the perspective of Shane Dorian's board mounted GoPro and the extremely critical late under-the-lip drops he was somehow able to pull off on a 40 to 50 foot day at Mavericks.