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I'm not gonna lie to you. I went to global premiere of Morning of Earth: Spirit of Akasha in San Sebastian last September and hated it. It wasn't my cup of char. Partly because I just found it long and boring, but also because the screening didn't start until midnight, I fell asleep about 10 mins in and woke up 5 minutes from the end, the timely slumber mercifully sparing me an hour of my life filled of excruciating six second birds-flying-past-sunsets shots, and a whole lot of kick outs. But hey, the first time I saw Pulp Fiction I didn't get it and thought it was crap, then repented and thought it was the best film, ever.

Anyhows, SE contributor Jed Smith and Kirk Docker put together this film ahead of Spirit of Akasha's Australian premiere, featuring some groovy interviews with Alby Falzon and providing something of a panacea from all the big wave porn dong the rounds the last few days.