Are you bored of all the clips coming out of France called 'Baguettes and barrels'.

Baguettes and tubes. Baguettes and beachbreaks. Baguettes and... stop!

The French each bread. Big frickin' deal... So does every cunt in the world, pretty much.

Let's get real, surfers and surf clip namers. Let's talk about the real issues. 'Tiny, limp cocks and fat bellies'. Why ain't anyone calling their clips that? After all, how many baguettes did Flores see this surf? None, probably. How many cocks? At least two. At least.

Plus, baguettes are not really the reason to visit France. The real reason is that, even if your tackle resembles two peanuts and an acorn, you can flaunt it in public.

p.s. Enjoy the surfing and skateboarding video.