It really has been a beautifully uplifting and heartwarming day in the world of webclips.

First we had Aitor Francesena, a blind surfer and surf coach -- coach of Aritz Aranburu, no less, more on whom in a moment -- who went to the Wave Garden in Zarautz and ripped it to shreds, lack of vision not withstanding.

Then we had a brave tow-in surfer who dared to challenge the fearsome Cribbar, mecca of big wave surfing in the UK. He surfed into the rocks and it looked painful, but it was also life-affirming in its own special way.

(Then we had the promo for the Miss Reef 2016 calendar, which admittedly deviates somewhat from the pattern thus far established, but no doubt uplifted and warmed the hearts of many.)

And now this, an initiative coordinated by Kind Surf, a non-profit founded by model and activist Almudena Fernández, that "help[s] disadvantaged kids through the practice of surfing and environmental education." The above clip features, amongst others, Almudena, boyfriend Aritz Aranburu, CJ Hobgood, Josh Kerr, Kelly Slater, Rosie Hodge, Adriano de Souza, Indar Unanue, Natxo Gonzales and Kelia Moniz, as they induct a group of disabled children into the wondrous world of shred during some down time at the Quik Pro France.

Larks were had by all.