Oli Adams is a mighty productive fellow.

He pumps out clips and trips at an alarming rate. Here's this edit, here's that one. I went here, I went there, I got super tunnelled at this reef, I air shredded this beachie...

We're not sure how many weetabix he has for brekkie but it could be, say 5 possibly 5 and a half, with honey rather than sugar. If we were fellow UK shred lords, we'd say, "Settle down ol' chap... You're making us look bad!"

Here, Oli and a couple pals throw down the Cornish summer shred sizzle in what looks like pretty much the worst surf ever captured on film. No one knows quite how they do it, but they keep doing it!

They Jammin! Bup-chooo-war-wa-wah!

Rip Bowl Rights from oli adams on Vimeo.