Surfing and booze go along just fine together, but in that order, OK? Surfing first, then getting shit faced.

And seeing as surfing is sexy and sex sells then it stands to reason that sexy surfing sells booze!

We've had sexy surfing rousing drum beat Guinness telly ads, we've had sexy Mexican surfing sunkissed Corona ads, but now it's time for the hard liquor! The makers of vile (forward slash delicious, depending on your taste) German digestif Jagermeister are in on the act, serving up the post-surf good times.

A select crew of English and Irish surfing heartthrobs went to Iceland to get their shred on and shoot this Jagermeister ad, which will air during the England v Denmark footy match 05/03/14 on ITV. Pretty groovy, no?

Now, I know what you're thinking... ITV! Yes, it's still on air! No, it's not just a chav paradise of Lorraine, Jeremy Kyle, Corrie Ant & Dec and barely-still going X-Factor... they got international footie too!

Anyhows check out the vid, and please remember, alcohol, as well as UK/Irish surfers, should be consumed responsibly.