Do you believe in miracles?

Gabriel Sodre does, and so would you if you were on such intimate terms with the big, green, beautiful caverns of Lagundri Bay.

Here is Pulitzer-winning William Finnegan, who knew the wave in the late '70s, before the crowds arrived.

"It was an immaculate right. It broke off a point, but it was really a reefbreak, since the wave did not follow the shoreline. It stood up distinctively, a ruler-straight wall, when it hit the reef, but then it peeled across, away from the shore, without sections for probably eighty yards, barrelling beautifully into the wind, before it hit deep water. A company of small coconut trees on the point leaned out over the water, as if they wanted to get a better look at the wave. It was a splendid sight, truly."


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