There was a disagreement earlier on today in the Surf Europe offices when I expressed enthusiasm regarding the prospect of a Occy vs. Curren rematch at J-Bay, and for the WSL's "Heritage Series" in general. The esteemed Surf Europe editor, who is known to harbour all manner of strange opinions on sporting matters, roundly declared the whole thing to be a heap of shit, I know not why. Apparently he was unmoved by Curren's 10-point ride in last year's event.

Occy, who was comprehensively beaten by Curren last time round, is frothing for a rematch too, as are his mates Parko, Rabbit Bartholmew and Felicity Palmateer. Adverts involving surfing made by brands outside the surf industry are also apt to divide opinion, but I'd say this one by Braun is a solid effort -- certainly one of the better ones, and a vast improvement on the last shaving advert featuring a famous surfer.