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Iceland pretty much ruined 2010 when their pesky, unpronounceable volcano selfishly jizzed ash all over the stratosphere.

But they done did a radical PR makeover and hosted the NIXON CHALLENGE 2013, which was, like, probably the best Nixon Challenge, ever... And not just coz they sent Chippa to rad up the crew!

"It was colder than 2 years ago in Lofoten, Norway" reckoned SE's Alex Laurel, "but probably the funnest yet." Alex was on hand to capture all with his trusty Canon, and dug Iceland so much he even stayed on an extra couple of days and cruised with Ferg, Chippa and Rebrix, who were just thrilled to get their Iceland on. "The vibes were great, the boys were ripping, there were super cool parties. A lot of driving, but some insane scenery up there."

Vincent Duvi was named the best surfer of the trip, and for that honour earned himself a cardboard oblong saying just that, and Viking toy.

You know how sometimes the judges seem to favour the surfer in red singlet? In this event, we reckon the scandal was blue was getting pushed... but judge for yourself.

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