This looks horrible. Pedro Miranda, who was watching on from the clifftop, camera trained on the helpless little specks adrift at sea, explains:

It was a nasty and ugly session, unridable… we call it 'Black Naza' when it's like that... the conditions were extreme, not because of the size (it was huge, but we’ve seen bigger), but because things were a bit more out of control than usual (strong onshore winds, biggest waves closing out, the inside was impossible for the security team, etc).

Overall Mick [Corbett] charged into 3 waves (all in the video, one was a WSL Big Wave Entry few days ago), 2 of them he couldn’t made it and wipeout, the bigger ones were killers so the waves he got were like the mid-size from the session… In the water there was also Jarryd Foster (AUS), Nuno Santos (PT) and Alessandro Marciano (IT), but only Mick got waves. That was that kind of day where you’re not expecting them to go in, but theses guys are from Australia heheheh… it was a sick show to watch, big respect to the Aussies!!

best regards from stormy Portugal wink emoticon