Mikey Wright just did surfing's first ever McTwist, according to filmer Todd Richards, and many others. Bones Brigade skate legend Mike McGill, who invented the trick appeared to confirm its legitimacy with several thumbs up, clappy hands and 'ok' emojis on Richards' IG.

But not everyone is convinced.

In a mini IG comment shit storm, surfing's biggest since Kelly's shark cull volte face last week, the detractors were calling bullshit, for a variety of reasons none of which we really understood. Something about a moving ramp or...?

Perhaps the best words on the matter came from former TransWorld Surf photographer Aaron Checkwood, to former TWS editor Chris Cote (the funny, nasal one) .

"If I'm upside down spinning above Mrs Cote after hitting the lip and come down at an angle with my pipe and she's still grabbing... is THAT a McTwist?"


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