It features the fearsome Shipstern Bluff near the uppermost limit of its size range, stars three-time world champ and media darling Mick Fanning, and is presented in a hilarious mainstream-friendly, television news format. Those are just three of the reasons why you should watch the above clip post-haste. Highlights include: "Paddling into shark-infested monster swell is Mick Fanning's idea of fun"; "the Southern Ocean has thrown everything it can at Shipstern Bluff, and it's created point break perfection"; and, "Mick described it as 'the funnest day ever'". Our snobbish flippancy notwithstanding, the surfing is excellent, and so too are the wipeouts; also taking on the step were Mark Mathews, Kipp Caddy and Tyler Hollmer-Cross.

Footage courtesy of Tim Bonython's Swell Chasers and Channel 9 News Australia.