Two of my very least favourite things in surfing, in life are

a) high latitude surf trips (Iceland, Norway etc etc), and

b) 'behind the shot' making of stuff where surf photogs answer vital questions that you never, ever asked, nor ever would have in a million years of being paid ten bucks a question.

So imagine my delight when Austrian irritability, constipation and headache in a can vendors Red Bull put out a 'Behind the Shot' clip with Mick Fanning in Iceland... no wait sorry, Norway! Iceland was last month-ish. This month, Norway!

Have you been lying bed tossing and turning with life's big questions lately? Nothing to do with too much caffeine, mind, just a lot on your plate? Haven't we all.

- Why the shift to populism and the political right?

- Light, particle or wave?

- Should private schools in the UK be allowed to retain their registered charity status?

And of course, how did they get that shot of Mick?

Find the fuck out: