Maxime Huscenot may well be faring better than most, post-Quexit.

While arguments could indeed be put forth that celebrated fellow former cresting-mountain-snow-capped wave stablemates, like, say, the bald one, the slightly tubby one and the long haired thin one have yet to go on and do much since their own Quexits (Tuesday's call to arms!), Maxime seems to have stepped up a notch or three.

His latest edit, The Break, is a cracker. Maybe we're reading too much into this, but we're guessing he not referring to getting lucky, or a surf spot.

And with plenty of brutish Hossegor thump, some stellar hacks and punts and a suitably amped-up musical accompaniment, it'll hardly put you off your inevitable pending SW France safari.

Quite the opposite, it'll likely urge you to redouble your preparatory efforts!