The news that Matt Wilkinson's boy servant Nick Pollet had edited two years' worth of Wilko footage into a new web clip pierced through the melancholy that prevails in the Surf Europe offices like a ray of sunshine through heavy cloud. The clouds dispersed entirely when shortly after pressing play we heard the opening chords of KC & the Sunshine Band's 'Baby Give It Up', which stands alongside Beethoven's third symphony as one of the pinnacles of human achievement in the field of music. Life was suddenly beautiful again, and for the next three minutes and fifty seconds a jolly good time was had by all -- particularly at 0:52, when Wilko gouged our faces off and we erupted in wild spasms of joy. Afterwards we returned to the realm of mundanity, where we were weighed down by an overbearing atmosphere of post-coital gloom -- until our vital forces had sufficiently recovered to don our roller skates once more and watch it again.