"I figure I'm gonna go by the rocks..."

You got the Oi Rio Pro rolling in another tab right now? A word of advice: mute that, turn this up to full volume, and spend the next few minutes watching the first episode of Mason Ho's new series License To Chill. Needless to say it's much more entertaining. The episode's called 'Burger Goes To Bali', Burger being the exquisitely tubby Keoni "Burger" Nozaki (one of the 7 best fat surfers ever!), Bali being a little island at the bottom of Java and the world's most celebrated surfing playground. And Mason Ho being a man who loves to play! Highlights include Mason indulging his rock fetish in a game of 'Chicken' with a cliff face, Tom Curren playing the drums on a tin tray placed on his head, and the pair of them taking turns on a curious Mark Richards twin fin.