Paul Fisher has once again induced a global ripple of chuckle with his latest clip, this one featuring him riding a penis shaped surfboard.

The thing goes pretty well too.

Be honest, have you done a turn like the one at 1min27s lately on a conventional craft? Me neither!

So those are the pluses, but us being us, we couldn't hold back on a couple of critiques...

The outline is pretty decent, I can understand why the balls are somewhat under-sized... But seriously, couldn't we have had a wee bit more effort on the spray?

It's like, as if anyone, ever, hasn't drawn the little veins on the shaft. Plus, couldn't we have had a bit of purple on the bell end??? Would a few pubes have been too much too ask???

Still, a good effort all round. Stay tuned for the vagina-themed bodyboard!

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