Not everyone in the history of surfing has subscribed to a life in boardies. In fact, a handful of surfing legends are known to have turned their backs on the beach scene. For example, the first surfer ever to tackle Pipeline, understated American surf pioneer Phil Edwards once famously said “The beach is something I walk across to get to the surf."

And of course, surfing's original anti-hero Miki 'da cat' Dora is well known for refusing to tow the Hollywood surfer stereotype line, saying things like:

"The beach is cluttered with 12-year-old "Howdy-Doody" refugees, making the walk to the beach both annoying and hazardous." And "Guys who live at the beach get waterlogged. I'm there for the waves, nothing else."

If Surf Europe were given the choice, we'd actually much rather hang out in light cotton boxershorts (so much more comfortable!). That said, the Billabong Team do make boardies look pretty rad.