Here's a new word to incorporate into your vocabulary: allochthonous. It's an English word -- Greek in origin, appropriately enough -- and according to the brief introduction to Leonardo Fioravanti's latest internet offering, it "describes an organism that originates from a place different to where it is found". Organism, not to be confused with orgasm -- although one comes from the other, it's true.

Anyhow, allochthonous: drop it into conversation at social gatherings and suchlike. It's sure to add a little colour and learning to xenophobic rants, for instance. Used wisely it will make you appear -- like Leo himself -- sophisticated, cosmopolitan, charming to members of the opposite sex, and may even lead to an orgasm or two at a later stage of the evening.

"Born and raised on the Italian peninsula," continues the intro, "Leonardo Fioravanti is most commonly found in places and situations that some might deem unusual for an Italian.

"Originally from the city of Rome, Leo's determination and focus has seen him forge a way into professional surfing. After a serious back injury during the Volcom Pipeline Pro 2015, Leonardo is back and more motivated than ever to finish what he started in 2015."